UCONN Women's Basketball Team's Defeat

The University of Connecticut’s Women’s Basketball Team has been undefeated for a long time. One of the craziest stories in the entire sports world has been UCONN’s unprecedented success as a team and Coach Geno Auriemma’s success individually. It all came to a streaking halt this week when UCONN finally suffered a heartbreaking loss in overtime during the Final Four.

UCONN had won 111 games in a row before this one and they had won two championships in a row. The streak of wins stretched back to the 2014 season and was one of the longest winning streaks in history. The Mississippi State bulldogs were able to capture their victory over the Huskies in a 66-64 overtime win that included a buzzer-beating jump shot from Morgan William, one of Mississippi’s stars.

Despite the heartbreaking loss, no one is questioning UCONN’s dominance. There’s no question that they will be at it again next year. They’ve reached 10 consecutive Final Fours and will undoubtedly be back next year, this time with a chip on their shoulder. There were 867 days between this loss and UCONN’s last loss. All things considered, it will definitely be a while before their next loss.