What We're Expecting at the NFL Draft


It’s been a busy off-season. Tony Romo is retiring, the Chargers are going to L.A., and the Raiders are off to Las Vegas. We’ve tracked the trades, the retirements, and the crazy changes that have been happening since February. But now, it’s finally time (or almost time) for the NFL draft. Here’s what to expect in Round 1:

  1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett (DE, Texas A&M): There shouldn’t be any surprises here. Garrett has been unanimously ranked the best pick of the 2017 draft. It would be a shock for the Browns to pass on him.

  2. San Francisco 49ers: Jamal Adams (Safety, LSU): It all makes sense. Adams is a can’t –miss players who is known for his character. He fits perfectly in San Francisco.

  3. Chicago Bears: Solomon Thomas (DL, Stanford): The bears, the browns, and the 49ers all need help at every position, so each of these teams just needed to find the best player they could. Thomas is a strong defender that will hopefully be a key piece to the Bears future.

  4. Jacksonville Jaguars: Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU): The Jaguars have a terrible run game. They hope that Fournette can stay healthy and transform this team.

  5. Tennessee Titans: Marshon Lattimore (CB, Ohio State): With 2 picks in the first round, the Titans have a lot to work with and they could use the help. On their first pick though, I think they’re going to focus on the defense.

  6. New York Jets: O.J. Howard (TE, Alabama): The Jets have wanted one player from day one and that is Howard. They need him on offense and he is the perfect guy to add to their team with his speed and size.

  7. Los Angeles Chargers: Mike Williams (WR, Clemson): Mike Williams has the potential to be a star and do the Chargers need one. With his speed and size, he’s going to get some huge runs after he catches the ball. The only question for Williams and the Chargers, is will he catch it against the good defenders?

  8. Carolina Panthers: Christian McCaffrey (RB, Stanford): The Panthers and McCaffrey would both be excited about this match-up. McCaffrey is the perfect addition to the Panthers already-strong offense. Add him to the team and the team might become a Super Bowl contender again.

  9. Cincinnati Bengals: Haason Reddick (LB, Temple): Injuries plague linebackers in college and Reuben Foster’s injuries (and attitude) has put Reddick at the top of the list.

  10. Buffalo Bills: Tre’Davious White (CB, LSU): White is a great cornerback and the Bills will get some serious value out of him. Again, the Bills need help just about everywhere, so don’t be surprised if we see them trade in search of more future picks. They’re rebuilding.

  11. New Orleans Saints: Reuben Foster (LB, Alabama): There’s a chance that Foster could keep dropping lower and lower in the draft, but I don’t think so. This kid has too much talent. The Saints are willing to take a risk for him and they’ll be glad he falls to them in the first round.

  12. Cleveland Browns: Mitchell Trubisky (QB, North Carolina): Are the Browns drafting another QB? What else can they do, really? There’s a need and though no one really wants to watch this happen again, the Browns don’t have much of a choice. They’ll go with Trubisky and everyone in Cleveland will start praying again.

  13. Arizona Cardinals: Patrick Mahomes (QB, Texas Tech): Again, there’s no real question with this one. Mahomes is the QB that Arizona wants and unless another team wants drive them crazy, they’re gonna get him.

  14. Philadelphia Eagles: John Ross (WR, Washington): The Eagles could use another receiver to compete with the all-stars in their division. Ross will be the best guy available at pick 14 and the Eagles will hope he’s their OBJ.

  15. Indianapolis Colts: TJ Watt (OLB, Wisconsin): Little bro of superstar JJ is a big and tough guy and I think he just makes it in there to be a top 15 pick. We’ve all heard the talk surrounding this guy and if he’s half the player his brother is, the league is about to change.

  16. Baltimore Ravens Derek Barnett (OLB, Tennessee): Ravens love big, powerful defenders and Barnett is the next in a long line of them. He brings power to a team that can always use more of it.

  17. Washington Redskins: Jonathan Allen (DL, Alabama): Allen is still of the best guys available in this draft, despite concerns over his health. He won’t go in the top 5 or even top 10 anymore, but he’s still a top pick and the Redskins will be lucky if he falls to them.

  18. Tennessee Titans: Corey Davis (WR, Western Michigan): This is where the Titans can add to their offense and satisfy all sides of the team. Marcus Mariota would be happy to have him on his side and this makes for a much stronger offense.

  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Chidobe Awuzie (CB, Colorado): A new favorite and expected first-rounder, I wouldn’t be surprised if Awuzie gets swept up before the Buccaneers can get him. However, if he’s still available at round 19, he’s the pick.

  20. Denver Broncos: Cam Robinson (Tackle, Alabama): There’s nothing that the Broncos need more than an offense line. They need more help and they’ll still need more help after this round, but Robinson is the right place to start.

  21. Detroit Lions: David Njoku (TE, Miami): Njoku is a huge talent and a huge threat in the red zone. He’s got some work to do to be all he can be, but he can be something. Lions add him and gain a great receiver.

  22. Miami Dolphins: Taco Charlton (DE, Michigan): Big man Taco. But his size is not all that makes him a great pass rusher for the Dolphins, he is seriously athletic and will bring some help to this weak defense.

  23. New York Giants: Garrett Bolles (OT, Utah): The Giants have needed help at Offensive Line for a long time and Eli Manning is not getting any younger. He needs some serious protection and he’ll get it in Bolles.

  24. Oakland Raiders: Zach Cunningham (LB, Vanderbilt): Cunningham has some work to do before he’s NFL ready, but then again, so do the Raiders in many respects. Cunningham has potential to be the future and that’s what the Raiders need right now.

  25. Houston Texans: DeShone Kizer (QB, Notre Dame): There’s been some talk of the Texans not liking this match-up. But with their need at QB, I don’t really see how they can go other way. They need a quarterback and they need to take the best one available.

  26. Seattle Seahawks: Quincy Wilson (CB, Florida): The Seahawks will get what they want this time. Wilson is the dream fit for the Seahawks and if he falls to the 26th slot, the Seahawks will have all that they need.

  27. Kansas City Chiefs: Jarrad Davis (LB, Florida): A flexible linebacker, who knew? Davis brings some questions with his recent injury but his tackling numbers in 2015 and 2016 prove him to be valuable. If he stays healthy, he’s a game changer.

  28. Dallas Cowboys: Marlon Humphrey (CB, Alabama): The Cowboys didn’t lose any of their major stars in free agency, but they lost a lot in the secondary that kept their defense so strong all season. Humphrey has speed that the Cowboys could use in their secondary.

  29. Green Bay Packers: Adoree Jackson (CB, USC): Lots of corners in this draft and the Packers will scoop up another one in Jackson. The Packers are weak at CB and even this low in the draft, they’ll get a huge upgrade in Jackson.

  30. Pittsburgh Steelers: Takkarist McKinley (OLB, UCLA) Despite injuries, McKinley brings enough speed and strength to be considered a top pick, though his injury sent him down the list to 30. The Steelers will be happy to have him opposite Bud Dupree.

  31. Atlanta Falcons: Malik McDowell (DL, Michigan State): The Super Bowl losers need a pass-rusher and they’ll find one in McDowell. McDowell is too rough around the edges to be a top 15 pick but when he won’t fall to the second round. McDowell has the potential to be huge for this Atlanta Falcons defense that fell apart back in February.

  32. New Orleans Saints: Deshaun Watson (QB, Clemson): With Mahomes gone early in this draft, the Saints will want to use their second pick for a solid QB.