Spotlight on Reporters

Ever wonder how your favorite reporters got as far as they did? Working in an industry with a huge sexism problem is not easy. It’s hard to work your way up through men who don’t believe that you can be successful simply because of your gender. These women are more than just the pretty faces they’re described as. Meet 3 of our favorite female reporters and hear their stories about the industry:


Erin Andrews graduated college in 2000 and has been taking on the sports industry ever since then. She got her start at Fox Sports Florida and has since worked for the Sunshine Network, Turner Sports, ESPN, and Fox Sports. Erin Andrews has made major contributions to all of the networks she’s worked for, but her accomplishments are often overlooked. Andrews had to deal with a stalker, nude videos being released, and a long, ongoing law suit against the stalker in the past year. Her fight for privacy was a long one but Andrews continued to fight and was eventually awarded $55 million in damages from the stalker. She will continue to be a powerhouse reporter despite the unfair challenges she has been faced with.


Samantha Steele has shown us that it is possible to work your way through the sexist industry quickly and effectively. She graduated in 2009 and interned for ABC before getting an initial job at FOX as a college football and basketball reporter. Later, she was hired by ESPN and became the successor to Erin Andrews at ESPN. In just her 8 years since getting her degree, she has become the face of ESPN’s NFL Game-day reporting. She’s already transforming the industry and we can’t wait to see what else she accomplishes in the future!


Rachel Nichols is known for her investigative reporting and for asking the difficult questions. Nichols has famously asked Floyd Mayweather Jr. about his history of domestic violence and investigated Roger Goodell about his conflict-of-interest issues that frequently make the news. Her persistence and consistency has made her one the most important and influential sports reporters of today and perhaps of all time. We need more women (and men) like Rachel that ask the tough questions and discuss sexism in the industry openly and honestly.

Rachel, Samantha, and Erin are all gamechangers in the sports industry and we know they will continue to fight for their rights and for the rights of women across the world. There are countless other women who inspire us every day. Read about our GameChanger every week to learn more about the women who are changing their worlds!