GameChanger of the Week: Jessica Mendoza

Jessica Mendoza’s instagram bio says it all: “Olympic gold & silver medalist, ESPN analyst, mom & wife to 3 crazy, silly, smiling boys”. Someone who can really do it all? We found her. It’s hard to say what Jessica Mendoza is best known for but everything she has taken on so far in her career, she’s conquered.

At age 36, she has already won countless championships—in college, nationally, and globally—as an outfielder. After her career as an athlete ended in 2010, she took on a new role in the sports world—a broadcaster. Now she’s made her way through the ranks of ESPN and is a baseball commentator. She was the first female broadcaster to every be in ESPN’s booth for the College World Series. She was also the first female analyst for a MLB game on ESPN and the first female analyst in MLB post-season history.

Mendoza would agree that it sucks that it’s taken this long for women to be represented as analysts, commentators, and media personalities. But she’s changing the world of sports media quickly. Who knows what she’ll do next?

Mendoza is the definition of a gamechanger. Not only is she the first female to do so many things on ESPN but also she took her original career and transformed it into a new one later in life. She’s only in her 30s and we know she has an exciting career ahead of her. We can’t wait to check in with Mendoza in 5 and 10 years and see what exciting industry-changing things she’s up to.