GameChanger of the Week: Carli Lloyd

Carli Lloyd is an American soccer hero. She is a two-time Olympic gold medalist, a FIFA World Cup Champion, and a two-time FIFA player of the year. But in addition to her crazy achievements as an all-star soccer player, Carli continues to change the game by demanding equal pay for equal work.

Carli Lloyd was part of the U.S. Soccer Team that demanded a raise when they realized that their team was getting paid way less than the U.S. Men’s team, even though the men’s team is not even half as accomplished as the women’s team. Carli inspired us all by demanding the pay that she deserves.

Carli is continuing to play for her team in Manchester City and we expect to see her on the field in the next World Cup and the next Olympics. Carli is a superstar who inspires all of us, especially young girls, to chase after what we believe in. Carli has refused to stop fighting for herself, her teammates, and all women around the world who deserve equal pay. Keep fighting Carli!